The Game is up the Nigeria Army inform Boko Haram

The Game is up the Nigeria Army inform Boko Haram





The Nigeria Army through the director of public relation of the Army, Brigadier General Sani kukasheka Usman  sent a message to members of BoKo Haram to give up, through his press release.





He stated that the terrorist that only remnant members of the group remain and charge them to give up.

“This is to call on the remnants of Boko Haram terrorists wherever you are hiding, to give up ¬†forthwith”.


Further stated that the ideology is dead and that their leader has abandoned them



” This is because your ideology of Boko Haram is dead and no longer tenable. There is no reason to be suffering or fighting a lost cause. As you are aware, your leaders have abandoned you and could no longer be of any help to you”.



Dying like dogs the option for refusal for surrendering, he stated



“Therefore you should all surrender to avoid dying like dogs because of the ongoing concerted military clearance operations”.



Though there has been renewed incessant attack of the terrorist group, through suicide bombing and also kidnapping acts.u



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