Saraki debunks rumours about son becoming the next governor

The Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, has debunked the rumours making wave that his son is being groomed for the upcoming 2019 Kwara governorship race. He made this known at a Forum in Abuja.

In his words, Saraki maintained that the boy is not interested in politics at all, adding that: “it is not easy for children who are born to politicians, especially at this time to embrace politics.”

He said that when he was much
younger, he was reluctant about politics. “I reluctantly went into politics, you can go and check. Once or twice, I was given the form to run for the House of Representatives, and I remember I just travelled and disappeared for months. After seeing what my father had been through, I thought to myself that this is not for me.” He said.

However, he maintained that the continuity of the legacy he had been left with and good relationship between the past and the present governor was of great importance in the state.

Furthermore, he said that his successor has done a great job in the area of state transformation by creating an enabling environment for entrepreneurship.

“In the universal health coverage which we are now talking about at the national level, I started that while I was governor, and now my governor has continued and built on that.

“In the agricultural sector, we have done a lot of things that drive commercial activities which are not in the blueprint of the country.

“This shows the importance of continuity and stability and today, we thank God that we are one of those states where there is a very good relationship between former governor and current governor.” He said.



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