Resume or Resign, Joint Group Start Daily Protest


The protesters carrying placards converged at the Unity Fountain near Transcorp Hilton with the following inscriptions; “Resume or Resign Nigerians say enough is enough”; “Buhari ! Where are you?” “We Are Tired of Being Enslaved in Our Country,” “Our Mumu Don Do”; “Buhari Called For Impeachment When Yar’adua Was Sick, Now We Are Calling For Same.”

The protesters were accompanied by mobile policemen they performed their protest toward the gate of the Presidential Villa where they vowed to occupy until the President accede to their demands.

Charles Oputa aka Charly Boy and the convener Deji Adeyanju. Adeyanju, who led the protest noted that, it is the failure of the leadership of the National Assembly not to have launched an investigation or set up a panel to look into the true status of the President Buhari’s health, adding the group believes the legislators have been compromised and are working with an infamous cabal in the executive branch against the Nigerian people.

It was further stated that the leadership of the National Assembly must choose between the Nigerian people and the cabal. “90 days is too long for a president to be away from his country without any explanation to the people who voted him into office.

The group insisted that if Mr. Buhari has become incapacitated, he should do the honorable thing and resign because he cannot continue to hold the country to ransom noting that a group of few people in the government have taken the advantage of the president’s ill-health to loot the treasury with impunity.

“We hereby demand that the National Assembly invoke Section 144 sub Section 4 of the Nigerian Constitution and direct the setting up of a medical panel in conjunction with the Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo to ascertain whether the President is incapacitated,”  he stated.

The group vowed to continue with the daily sit- out irrespective of the intimidation from the police.



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