Arrest Nnamdi Kanu – Arewa Youth Assembly

  1. Since the release of IPOB leader Nnamdi KANU, despite his bail conditions restricting him from further agitations, he has been seen going round the eastern states soliciting for support and unity of the Biafra people.
    The Arewa Youth who had declared before now that all the Igbos in the north should evacuate on or before October 1 has come out again in what is seems an attack on Nnamdi KANU who has been flaunting his bail conditions. They are staging a peaceful protest calling for the second Arrest of the Biafran leader.
    According to the Arewa Youth, the unity of Nigeria is not negotiable.They therefore said IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU is undermining the sovereignty of Nigeria and should be arrested now.



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